Your Computer Shop in Lebanon

Our Philosophy is that a PC shouldn’t be some frozen, soldered-together lump of metal & plastic, easily
superseded by the next advance in technology. It should be upgradable & expandable, ready to embrace
new technologies that come along.


A team of specialized technicians, with a long history of experience, provide customers with in house or at site support, covering a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from single home users to SMBs & complex networked offices. Our response rate is by average 3 hours, which is the highest among the local IT service suppliers. Our service fees, still, are among the most comprehensible

Customer Satisfaction

With a history of thousands of satisfied customers, covering the whole Lebanese territory. we aim to maintain the best reputation in after sales service & customer satisfaction.


We serves to display the most updated products in the IT industry, covering PCs, Components, Laptops, Servers & all related accessories. We serve too, online, most of the requests of SMBs or Gamers, in supplying the fresh products at the best possible price in town.