Automation & Alarm


    Automation is the creation of technology and its application in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of various goods and services. It performs tasks that were previously performed by humans. Automation is being used in a number of areas such as manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities, operations and lately, information technology.

     Home automation gives you access to control devices in your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world. The term may be used for isolated programmable devices, like thermostats and sprinkler systems, but home automation more accurately describes homes in which nearly everything -- lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems -- are hooked up to a remotely controllable network. From a home security perspective, this also includes your alarm system, and all of the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and any other sensors that are linked to it.

How does automation work? 

simply,  automation describes a system of networked, controllable devices that work together to make your home,work, car....etc more comfortable, customized, efficient, and secure. You “speak” with your automated  through a remote control or smart device. Homes or works place that have a high degree of automation often have all of their automated devices accessible on one device, making it truly easy to control your home or works place with the touch of a button. The range of controls that you have over your automated devices range depending on the purpose of the device. Some controls allow you to turn a device on or off at a specific time, while other devices may be triggered by some external events.